Process & Philosophy

Developing mixed-use, multi-family, hospitality and retail projects in South Carolina, New York, Georgia and Florida

Spandrel Development Partners created methodological geographic screening criteria to filter and rank the 281 Metropolitan Statistical Areas of the United States. The four areas of which we focus are:

Right to Work States + High Tech GDP Growth

We seek out markets with an ideal business climate driven by the flexibility of right-to-work laws, and incoming GDP from booming tech economies.

Labor Growth + Wage Growth

We keep a lookout for real estate markets with high labor and wage growth: two factors that are the biggest drivers of real estate development in a given area.

Population Growth

High population growth means more potential tenants and homeowners. When we rank the 281 Metropolitan Statistical Areas of the United States, population growth is a critical factor.

Top 25 Metropolitan Statistical Areas

Taking the above factors above, we develop a list of the top 25 Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the United States, and have developed properties in several of those areas.

Top 25 MSAs

Spandrel Development: Process And Philosophy

Before the first brick is laid

We source opportunities prior to the involvement of large institutional developers, as well as projects too large or complicated for smaller, one-off developers.

We also focus on building mixed-use properties of 60 – 250 units which requires reduced lot sizes and lowers the cost of land acquisition.

We have built a blue-chip team of regional and local consultants to be augmented with in-house experts and our go-to specialists. Together we design and develop high quality properties that preserve local flavor while incorporating proven larger market urban design principles.