General Partner Funds

Developing mixed-use, multi-family, hospitality and retail projects in South Carolina, New York, Georgia and Florida

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About Spandrel’s General Partner Funds

Spandrel’s General Partner Funds, an affiliate of Spandrel Development Partners, serve to capitalize the GP Interest in our institutional development projects. Additionally, we seek Co-GP partnerships with select emerging developers who can leverage our capital, experience, and track record to build their own track record and sit side-by-side with our experienced execution teams.

GP Fund I

In late 2018, Spandrel raised its flagship GP fund which has since been deployed into over $400 million of development projects in target markets.

GP Fund II

In 2022, Spandrel raised its second GP fund, which will provide the backbone investment to execute on the nearly $1 billion development pipeline that we have built throughout the Southeastern US.

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With nearly 40 years and over $4 billion of development experience, our Principals have built a track record of execution at the highest level and institutional relationships who continue to grow with us.